ORRCA 50th Day Review Meeting : Towards the 100 day transformation of ORR and arterial roads

20 Dec 2023
Location Intel office


Manas Das
Ganesh Kambar from Prestige

BBMP Team led by ZC Sri Ibrahim
BTP team

1. Manas Das and Archana Spoke about the feedback relating to works being done running up to 100 day deadline by DCM ( ppt attached )

2. Uday from BBMP spoke and mentioned that ORR is in transition phase until metro completion.

and mentioned Pothole filling, New land acquisition is in progress

3. Manas Das objected and informed that data provided by BBMP on roads and ORRCA survey on roads are having massive difference. Hence Joint survey is needed by BBMP and ORRCA relating to Roads.

4. KRIDE Team gave the presentation relating to BSRP project especially relating to ORR ( PPT attached )

5. Ganesh Kambar from Prestige mentioned that Stray Dogs issue is on raise in the tech parks areas and requested BBMP to look into it.

6. BBMP Chief Engineer Lokesh requested BMRCL team to do proper Drain Desilting in ORR while maintenance.

7. BMRCL team mentioned that Electrification works will soon be completed in several parts of ORR

8. ORRCA team mentioned that Metro Feeder Buses are being introduced to Tech parks as part of P2P campaign

9. BMRCL team was requested to completed the BRTS lane works and release them for traffic ASAP

10. BMRCL team was instructed to complete road restoration work without further delay wherever the metro works were happening

11. BTP team mentioned that water logging points is not attended by BBMP in quick manner which is affecting traffic movement. BBMP opposed this and mentioned that the entire BBMP was responding to calls from BTP

12. Specific Complaints to be raised to BBMP or BTP , relating to location based instead of General feedback on roads.

13. Tree Cutting near Sarjapura Road Fire Station is pending, BBMP top action immediately.

14. BTP team requested BBMP to provide motors to suck the water from roads during emergency and rain situations

15. Meeting ended with thanking note. Next review Date to be announced by ORRCA

16. ⁠Timelines :
A. BMRCL barricading removal : March 24 except Station Location

B. Completion of Silk Board Junction Ramps:

A, B and C Ramps will be completed by April 24.
D and E ramp will be completed by Dec.24.